LED Lighting Return On Investment

The best payback on your energy saving investment in a high efficiency LED lighting system comes from lighting applications operating 8 or more hours per day.  Favorable applications include:

  • Hospitals and 24-hour medical facilities

  • Grocery and other retail stores

  • Government, military and municipal buildings

  • Airports and transit facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Schools and universities

  • Parking garages

  • Street lighting

  • Hallway lighting to meet fire and emergency codes

A retail lighting retrofit in process, top left is a refitted 2 lamp T8 96 inch
fixture with a single 38 watt LED lamp.  To the right is an old fixture with
two fluorescent 8 foot lamps.  New lamps are daylight white.  The changeover
will save 16 tons of air conditioning due to reduced lamp heat during the
cooling season.

The benefits of LED versus conventional fluorescent tube lighting include:

Benefits of LED Lamps Replacing Fluorescents


T8 LED 48 Inch Tubes

T8 48 Inch Fluorescents
Lumens per Watt > 95 50 to 90
Watts 15 Watts 32 Watts
Life Span > 50,000 Hours 8,000 to 10,000 Hours
Ballast Needed No Yes
Starter Needed No Yes
Actual Power Use 15 Watts 32 to 38 Watts
Heat Generated Low High
Radiation Emitted No UV
RoHS Compliant Yes No
Recycling Cost No Yes
Maintenance Cost Low High
Environmental Pollution No High - Contains Mercury

The owner of this 36,000 square foot retail store is already saving on
electricity costs.  He says he receives several unsolicited customer comments
per day about the improved appearance of the store.  He also attributes an
increase in sales to the improved lighting and color rendition of his merchandise.

LED vs. Fluorescent 10 Year Operating Costs




T8 Fluor
Life Span Hours > 50,000 10,000
Fixture Cost Four Lamp / 2 Ballasts $30 $80
Lamps/Fixture 4 4
Lamp Price $28 $3
Total Lamp Price $96 $12
Total Lamped Fixture $126 $92
Lamp Replacement Over 10 Years $0 $48
Maintenance Labor $30 per hour $10 per lamp $0 $80
Ballast Replacement 4 in 10 years $35 each $0 $140
Ballast Labor $30 per hour 0.5 hours $0 $60
Recycling Lamps $0 $20
Recycling Ballasts $0 $12
Watts per Fixture 60 Watts 128 Watts
10 Year Energy Cost $0.11 kWh x 12 hours x 365 days x 10 years $548 $1,042
10 Year Total Cost per fixture $838 $1,493

Planning A Lighting Retrofit Project

This document should be helpful Standard Measurement and Verification Plan for Lighting
Retrofit Projects.

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